Biweekly Mortgage Payment Plans: Lawsuit

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There are two important purposes for this article. The first purpose of this article is to give consumers that are considering purchasing a biweekly payment plan service the necessary information to make an informed decision. Second, this article serves the purpose of informing consumers who are currently enrolled in such a program that they may have a legal claim against the company that enrolled them in their biweekly payment plan.

Pigott, Ltd. Sues MERS for $100 Million

The law office of Thomas D. Pigott, Esq. - Pigott, Ltd. (Toledo, Ohio) 5/10/2011 For immediate release.

The Michigan Appellate Court on April 21, 2011, issued a significant ruling relative to Michigan homeowners who are in the process of being foreclosed or have lost their homes through foreclosure in the last several years. The basics of foreclosure in Michigan are that a mortgage company or its nominee can proceed to foreclose on a property using one of two methods.

Iraqi Dinar Scam


I had lunch with a friend this week. He knows I handle many securities cases and so he asked me what I knew about Iraqi Dinars. I told him very little but took the bait and asked him “Why?”.